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Archives: The Traveler Didjbox

traveler didgebox This is the first Didjbox designed to fill the requirements of being extremely compact, very lightweight and still produce good didgeridoo sound quality. The traveler will fit in any suitcase or carry-on luggage, your backpack, briefcase or be your constant companion in an automobile or just sitting next to your computer for an instant shift in consciousness, from digital to didjital in just a couple of breaths. This style is perfect for those on the go and obsessed with learning and practicing their circular breathing or any didgeridoo playing technique. It can be played in any setting as a sensitive meditative tool or can be played along with other musical instruments, even amplified for that big didgeridoo sound.
One quality the traveler didjbox has is the ease in which you can drastically lower the pitch by dropping your jaw.
Dimensions: 16 inches long (40.6 cm), 3 inches wide (7.6 cm), 2 inches (5.1cm) thick.
Average weight: 12-oz (330 g)
Available in the keys of C, D, and E
Materials used: Aromatic Cedar is favored for it's resonate quality as well as the great smell it produces.
Finishes: Clear gloss varnish highlighting the natural grains of the cedar, some are dyed with an original technique and some are painted with acrylics.

Designed and invented by Marko Johnson.

traveler didjbox
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