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Marko Johnson and the didjbox.
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Section 84
Patent# 6664454

Archives: The Obelisk Didjbox

This Didjbox was designed to enhance sound quality. The tapered design helps project the didgeridoo sound and create a richer tone and louder sound. The taper requires that the overall length of the didjbox be extended.
This is an excellent sounding instrument for its size.

Dimensions: 24" long (61 cm), 3" wide (7.6 cm) at bell end, 2" wide (5.1 cm) at mouthpiece, 2" (5.1 cm) thick.
Average weight: 16-oz (460 g)
Materials used: Aromatic Cedar is favored for it's resonate quality as well as the great smell it produces.
Finishes: Clear gloss varnish highlighting the natural grains of the cedar, some are dyed with an original technique and some are painted with acrylics.

Designed and invented by Marko Johnson.

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