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Didgeridoo Maker, Player & Teacher

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Marko Johnson and the didjbox.
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The Didjbox was designed to be extremely compact, very lightweight and still produces a good sound quality with the low deep drone of a full length Didjeridoo. They will easily fit in carry-on luggage, your backpack or suitcase. Ideal for auto, home, office and......all outdoors! Many benefits are associated with playing a Didjeridoo or Didjbox.

The Micro Didjbox

Micro Didjbox
The smallest compact Didjbox design for beginner to expert. Never be without your personal drone instrument. Perfect for travel!

Sturdy, lightweight design produces the same great sound quality of the low, deep drone of a full-length didgeridoo. Simply learning to produce the basic drone can result in instant meditation and relaxation anywhere, any time. The Didjbox is played with the same techniques as the traditional didgeridoo. One advantage, The MICRO features enhanced back-pressure to easily achieve the circular breathing technique. You can also achieve the drop-drone on The Micro.

The Micro is the perfect muscle-tone stimulator for those seeking relief from sleep apnea and snoring. Studies confirm the benefits of circular breathing for these sleep disorders. This reasonably-priced instrument for entry-level enthusiasts will have you droning and circular breathing with confidence.
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The Mind Blower

Mind Blower
Designed to project all of the sound directly into the ears of the player. A personal meditative and learning experience.

Ever hear someone say, "I can't hear myself play very well, the sound source is almost 5 feet away from my ears!" The new Mind Blower Didjbox is designed to totally eliminate that concern as well as serve as a very personal meditative tool. The 9 X 5 X 1.75 inch boxes have one unique feature. There are 3 holes on one side of the box. By blowing on the center hole the didgeridoo sound is directed through the exit holes on each side. The holes line up with each ear and deliver a rich deep didgeridoo sound directly into your ears. MindblowerIn Stereo! You can hear every little peep you make! Droning, overtone singing and throat singing while droning can be heard like never before. The Didjbox can be played with all of the same techniques as a straight didgeridoo. Side blowers can adjust and balance the stereo effect by partially covering the side hole nearest the ear with your fingers. You can create a rhythm to play along with by simply tapping on one hole. With great back pressure, drones, vocals and toots are easily achieved.
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The Didj Flute

Didj Flute
The Didjflute may qualify as an entirely new breed of instrument. Combining the drone of a Didjeridoo with the changeable notes of a flute.

It is an Obelisk with 4 holes in the top. By covering or uncovering the holes with your fingers you can play different notes, scales, and tunes. All Didjflutes are tuned to C major. All holes covered produce the C note. Uncovering holes plays D, E, F, and G. The finger holes add another dimension to didgeridoo playing with the ability to change the notes. It is not recommended for a beginning didgeridoo player to try and learn to play the Didjflute until a strong foundation in basic playing a one-note instrument is formed.

Dimensions: 24" long, (61 cm), 3" wide (7.6 cm) at bell end, 2" wide (5.1 cm) at mouthpiece, 2" (5.1 cm) thick. Average weight: 16-oz (460 g) Materials used: Aromatic Cedar is favored for it's resonant quality as well as the great smell it produces. Finishes: Clear gloss varnish highlighting the natural grains of the cedar, some are dyed with an original technique and some are painted with acrylics. All Didjflutes have 4 finger holes and come with rubber stoppers to use when only playing one note.

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